Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wales Museum

I spent part of the day in the Wales National Museum, which is a beautiful museum. I met Ceri Jones from the Arts Council there for a lovely chat over tea and then took a quick tour of part of the museum. 
They have a gorgeous exhibit about the origins of Wales filled with neolithic bones and stone axes and gold torcs. I was dying to take pictures but every time I even thought about reaching surreptitiously for my camera in my pocket, an ever alert ( darn it!) Welsh museum guard would edge closer and give me the stern, no nonsense look I remember so well from Mrs. Harmon's third grade class, which would stop me in my tracks.
I also learned to my dismay that a Welsh flapjack is not a pancake as fellow Americans might assume but an ever so delicious, sweet, chewy cake of oaty goodness. And that they sell them EVERYWHERE. Oh dear.

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