Friday, April 4, 2008

I discovered today Marks and Spencer's food department, a dangerous place to go. It's all Lisa's fault! Imagine if Whole Foods and Nordstroms got together and had a baby and you would have Marks and Spencer.
I was there to get a dessert for dinner with Matt, Pete and Rufus, the fabulous Welsh Springer Spaniel, pictured here. ( It was a terrific dinner by the way, good company and delicious food, followed by great bad British TV.)
 Check out the hilarious theme cakes available in the special occasion cake aisle. Gavin, if you were here I would buy you the Cars cake in a New York minute.
When I left the store I took a wrong turn and ended up terribly lost. As I was getting more stressed that I would be late for dinner and thinking it was a good thing my contribution was DESSERT, I turned a corner, found my street and heard someone call my name, all at the same time. It was Gwenno, from Wales Arts International and my neighbor. We had a lovely half hour walk home together. As I only know about 8 people in Wales, what were the odds? It is a good reminder to me that sometimes a wrong turn is a good thing.

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  1. You exude enthusiasm, and your pictures are great.