Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lisa invited me to accompany her and Nigel to a festival at a nature center about an hour north of Cardiff, where they would be doing hands on artisan demonstrations. It's a beautiful center in the woods that teaches nature crafting and sustainable vocational training such as woodworking, bee keeping and gardening.
It was a delight to speak with master craftsmen and learn about their craft. One of the best things about Wales is they don't seem to have problems with liability issues- there were kids burning wood with searing hot pyrography tools, turning logs on lathes and hacking away like mad at big slabs of wood with very sharp chisels. It was great.
During the day, I learned how to make a pencil box in the wood shop, carve a giant wooden spoon with Nigel, make a willow basket, stack a dry stone wall and how to keep bees!

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  1. Novie - your experiences sound absolutely amazing! Everything looks ancient and picturesque and lovely and artistically inspiring. (And I am impressed you know what Torchwood is - I never took you for a fellow sci fi geek!) We miss you back here in the land of paperwork, filing, copying, labeling, rearranging, and, oh yes, glaze organizing. I will continue to read your posts with great envy - Elissa