Monday, April 21, 2008

While shopping for gifts in Howell's, an upscale department store here that has a food and wine department, I noticed the American section in their specialty food department by the expensive French chocolates and wandered over for a look.  
Craving strawberry flavored marshmallow whip? The creamy goodness of JIF? Karo syrup? Stove Top Stuffing? The joys of Betty Crocker cake mix? 
Missing your daily bowl of Lucky Charms? A box can be yours for only nine pounds. In case you aren't up on your daily international exchange rates, that would be twenty dollars and seventy cents. Yup, you read that right. TWENTY DOLLARS AND SEVENTY CENTS. 
If I pay that much for a box of Lucky Charms ( you know, if I fell and hit my head REALLY hard- twice) there darn well better be a leprechaun at the bottom of the box holding a tiny pot of gold just for me!

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