Monday, March 31, 2008

First Day at Fireworks Studios

  I spent the first day in the studio today so it was a fairly amazing day. Everyone at Fireworks was very welcoming- I'm still wired at 11 pm from all the mugs of tea!
Lisa was wonderful and showed me around and got me oriented. I'll post more later about the great porcelain wedding cake series she is currently making. I was also served a very British lunch of beans on toast which was actually delicious. No, I SWEAR. It really was.
Fireworks is a gorgeous upper story space arranged in a square around an open air courtyard. The space is terrific with lots of light, textured whitewashed walls and old wooden doors. I'm looking forward to working in such a beautiful studio with such great artists for company.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

1 plane, 1 bus, two cars and I've arrived!

After 18 hours, I've arrived safe and sound in Cardiff,Wales. I love public transportation in the UK. They make it so easy.
 I was picked up at the bus station by Daniel Allen and Lisa Krigel from Fireworks Studios, who are in charge of the international residency program. They kindly helped lug my 4 amazingly heavy bags (art books and sculpture tools aren't exactly known for their feather light weight!) to my new studio and home. The studio is amazing- I got a lightning quick tour today and will post pictures tomorrow. 
My new housemate, Matt, is lovely and made me feel very much at home. His house is warm and welcoming, as you can see by the pictures. I particularly love the kitchen which leads to a beautiful pocket garden with ancient brick walls in the back.
I know I will enjoy staying in this charming yellow house with the bright blue door.
More tomorrow after sleep...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Artomatic Space

 will be held this year in this office building at the corner of M St. and 1St. NE. Opening night is May 9, 2008. I am currently organizing a group of 17  contemporary ceramic sculptors to show together in an exhibition there  titled COINCIDE A Flux Invitational. These photographs show the building and the 10th floor where we will have our space.I'm excited to be a part of Artomatic this year and to be showing with such talented and varied  sculptors, all working in ceramics and mixed media.