Monday, March 31, 2008

First Day at Fireworks Studios

  I spent the first day in the studio today so it was a fairly amazing day. Everyone at Fireworks was very welcoming- I'm still wired at 11 pm from all the mugs of tea!
Lisa was wonderful and showed me around and got me oriented. I'll post more later about the great porcelain wedding cake series she is currently making. I was also served a very British lunch of beans on toast which was actually delicious. No, I SWEAR. It really was.
Fireworks is a gorgeous upper story space arranged in a square around an open air courtyard. The space is terrific with lots of light, textured whitewashed walls and old wooden doors. I'm looking forward to working in such a beautiful studio with such great artists for company.


  1. glad you got there safe & sound. I like the blog & will continue to check it out.

  2. this is Paul, btw.