Friday, December 4, 2009

We are gearing up for our third annual Holiday Open Studio On December 12th at Flux, which should be really terrific this year.

We will be featuring recent works by all six Flux artists as well as four special guest exhibitions. I will give a sneak preview each day on the blog for the open studio.

One of our special guest exhibitions will be a showing of thirty miniature porcelain figurines by 
Meri Wells, well-known Welsh sculptor. 

These whimsical figurines inspired by myth and fairy tales are delicate and fantastical, each a one-of- a-kind creation.

Meri's work is rarely shown in the US so this is a unique opportunity to add to your collection. Works range in size from two to six inches and will be priced under $100 each.

Meri lives in an enchanting Elizabethan-era stone cottage on a farm in Wales.
Below is Meri in her loft gallery with some of her larger works:

Meri's studio:

Meri's house:

Meri's wood firing kiln, where the porcelain pieces above were fired:


  1. I really enjoyed this post, seeing Meri in her studio, her work and her beautiful surroundings.

  2. What delightful work Meri creates. Thank you for featuring her.

  3. meri's works give "site-specific" a new one with her surroundings, beautiful.

  4. Oh how I wish you could visit!
    The outside world melts away and you are caught in a magic filled place...
    If you are ever planning a trip to Wales let me know.