Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Now that I've shown you a few of our guest artists that will be featured during our open studio on Saturday, its time to give you a peek at one of our studio members.
Laurel Lukaszewski is a gifted sculptor, Flux Studio member and long time friend.

You may have seen her award winning work recently at her current solo show at Project 4 Gallery, which features a breathtaking installation of thousands of porcelain cherry blossoms drifting across the walls, spiraling upwards for two stories.

Below is a description of her work from her website that I thought summed up her work perfectly.

Laurel Lukaszewski creates installations and sculptures primarily from clay—usually porcelain or stoneware. Most of Laurel's works are composed of extruded forms resembling three-dimensional line drawings or calligraphic brushstrokes. Her work is based on line, rhythm and form, playing with positive and negative space. The interrelation of the pieces has roots in Laurel's study of Japanese Buddhist mandalas in graduate school and a habit of incessant doodling. Her works range in size from just a few inches to pieces as large as sixteen feet.

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