Monday, November 30, 2009

Above is a bridge that I am currently working on for a dance performance entitled Of Bones and Bridges by the fabulous Jane Franklin Dance Company , a modern dance company based in Arlington, Virginia.

Jane contacted me last year, asking if I would be interested in collaborating with her dance company, designing and building an interactive piece for a dance performance.  After much spirited and fun brainstorming, we decided upon a bridge that the dancers could build on stage from a metal framework and porcelain bones, with the building of the bridge comprising the actual performance.
The process has been incredibly challenging, as the bridge needed to:
  • come apart into sections easily transportable by car
  • be capable of being dismantled in 5 minutes by 2 stage hands
  • be light but sturdy
  • still look like my work
After many, many trial and error attempts to build the bridge that resulted in rejected piles of crumpled copper pipes and mangled lumber ( metal is NOT my medium!), I happened to ask my second cousin, John, if he knew of someone  in NC who did custom metal fabrication. Turns out my Uncle Gary currently works for the best one around and they made one in 2 weeks with an ingenious joining method- thank you Uncle Gary!

I then made 90 porcelain bones to make the cross beams, each one measuring 30 inches long and 8 pounds each, which are now drying under 24/7 fans. And of course, the bridge still needs painting and spikes affixed to it.

It all should be ready by mid- December for the dance company to start rehearsals.
I can't wait to see what Jane comes up with.

So mark your calendars now!

Of Bones & Bridges
tension and connection between humanity and the natural world
Source, 1835 14th Street, Washington DC 20009
Feb 27 at 8 pm and Feb 28 at 2 pm
For more information click here


  1. exciting!! can't wait to see this too. and as robyn said, be careful in your studio.
    btw, the lenny campello review was right on!

  2. Thank you, Nancy. And thank you for your get well wishes. I am trying to be careful but boy is it hard to remember to be!!

  3. So Uncle Gary pulled through for you. I'm very happy to see that. Seems that like most living things, we are most often nourished by our roots but by being underground, they are usually overlooked.

    Do you have pictures of the finished work? Maybe I just haven't stumbled across them yet.