Friday, December 17, 2010

Art Basel Continued!

Day two in Miami was spent exploring more of the satellite art fairs and happenings.

In the morning we attended Just Right, an interactive food installation by Jennifer Rubell at the Rubell Family Collection/ Contemporary Arts Foundation. Visitors climbed through a hole in the wall of the back of the museum garden and traversed an empty lot to an abandoned house. Based on the tale of Goldilocks, in each room were items needed to fix the perfect bowl of oatmeal, um, I mean, porridge. Visitors were invited to make a bowl of oatmeal to their liking and enjoy.

Nearby, were four fairs: Art Miami, Red Dot, Art Asia and Scope.

At Art Miami, I found two artists of note.
One was my friend and studio neighbor, Tim Tate, whose video and glass reliquaries were exquisite as always.

We also saw this huge, fantastical mixed media installation by Federico Uribe:

At Red Dot, we visited the gallery booth of one of my favorite bloggers and art critics, Lenny Campello, whom many of you know as the writer of the influential and widely read DC Art News.
He had some great works in the booth, notably a few of his own works, as well as that of Judith Peck,  a fabulous local painter.

Lenny Campello

Work by Judith Peck

One of the most powerful exhibitions was by Beth Cavener Stichter, whose work I find to be some of the most darkly compelling work being done  in contemporary ceramic sculpture today.

It was also great to see a Deborah Butterfield horse outside of a museum.

At Art Asia were three breathtaking installations:

From the exquisite to the absurd at Scope!

This huge six foot before and after popsicle made me laugh out loud!

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