Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elizabeth Kendall show at GRACE

My friend and fellow ceramic sculptor, Elizabeth Kendall has a stunning new solo show, Double Sleyed, at the Greater Reston Arts Center this December. Go see it before it ends!

I work with lush white porcelain and dense textured black clay using tools and processes that are familiar to the kitchen, the sewing room, and the clay studio. Inspired by personal memories and family stories, the shapes that emerge are an ongoing conversation between my hand and my material as well as a response to the space in which they are installed. Borrowing a weaver’s term, the work is “Double Sleyed,” where two threads exist side-by-side in the same space.
Shadow does not exist without light. Volume requires line. Something has to have been present for its absence to be felt.
In life as with art, there is more than one side to any story, more than one answer to a question. My sculptures can be bricks and windows, walls and archways. They frame a story and are a story in their own right.

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