Saturday, March 6, 2010

SOLO SHOW Laborious Futility by Elena Patino

Friday night was the opening night for the solo show of my studio mate, Elena Patino  at Hillyer Art Space near Dupont Circle and, as usual for their openings, was hugely crowded with live music and tons of people.

It was so much fun and really gratifying to see the works completely installed after only glimpsing small sketches in process in the studio.

One of the things I enjoy the most about sharing studio space is being exposed to work that is 360 degrees different from my own. I have been really intrigued by Elena's transformation of small, common, everyday objects into larger installations, a process so different from my own work with clay.

It was difficult to determine my favorite piece- I was torn between the rhythmic installation of clear drinking straws that wrapped around two walls and the colorful installation of wire and felted balls that exploded in orderly profusion from the wall.

Elena in front of her installation of felted balls and wire

Materials: Felted wool balls, wire

Materials: Glass baby food jars, water and colorants

Materials: Drinking straws and pins

Materials: Clear plastic tubing and fiber

The accumulative processes used in the making of Elena's pieces make reference to a variety of different aspects of the human condition.  Labor, migration and consumption are all subtly examined through her obsessively replicative methods of construction and systems of assemblage.

Laborious Futility adapts from Patino's previous engagement in the construction of organic structures based on repetition with a strong connection to fiber arts. While not always made with fiber materials, the work borrows from the pliable quality of textiles.

Hillyer Art Space
9 Hillyer Court NW, Washington, DC 20008 USA
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Gallery Hours: 10am - 5pm Monday, 10am - 7pm Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 4pm Saturday.

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  1. What fun. You brought the gallery opening to us. Thank you. :)Bea