Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I went to  the American Craft Council show this past weekend and saw some gorgeous artwork. One of my favorites was Michele Renee Ledoux, who creates lyrically beautiful encaustic paintings which incorporate found objects. To see more images and read more about her work CLICK HERE

"Tapping into primal archetypes—recurring symbols and experiences shared by all across time—is a primary focus of my work. A philosopher at heart with a passion for metaphysical debate, I am drawn to the duality of all things, the complexity of simplicity and the perfection of imperfection.  I am further inspirited by the study of quantum physics and theories of consciousness and energetics, all of which are reflected either explicitly or obscurely in my work.
Free from commitment to any single style, my work reflects an ever-evolving organic synthesis of mixed media including found objects, recycled material, printmaking, photography, painting, drawing, poetry and encaustic and aims to reveal our original source—a peeling back, if you will, to reveal our deepest truth.  By means of building up and breaking down, texturing, and layering, my work seeks to scratch the surface of true human nature and often addresses social, political, environmental and spiritual matters.
Cloaked in abstraction, stark horizons split the work into two fields, one above the other, and refer to a more spiritual landscape highlighting the energetic alignment of subject to source, but more abstractly represent the link between science and spirituality. Although the element of “line” is prominent in the work, the found object framework and carefully arranged recycled elements also play a significant role.  And, underpinning all the work is a constant theme—the intention to evoke spirit and inspire alchemy—the transmutation of the mundane into magic."

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