Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm finally back from the holidays! A little delayed in blogging again as my laptop was the unfortunate victim of a tidal wave of water in the studio. It had been a bit sulky  and finally breathed its last death rattle right before the holidays. On the one plus side, I now have a new shiny Macbook Pro with a 15 inch screen. No more squinting-yay!!!

For Christmas Chris surprised me with train tickets to New York City and we spent several days there  right before the New Year.  The cold was just brutal, 8 degrees below with 50 mph winds. Guess I'm glad I gained those five  holiday pounds or otherwise I would have just blown away, al a Mary Poppins! Minus the cute talking parrot umbrella of course. And those really cute boots.

We began our afternoon in NYC by wandering through Central Park, almost a 1000 acres of lakes, bridges, fields and magnificent old trees. If you've ever wondered " Does it really look like that?" while watching a movie, yes, yes it does. But even prettier if that is possible. Just try not to get run down by the
never ending line of carriage horse, plodding gamely along, nose to tail.

We emerged from the park onto 5th Avenue.  Wow!

One of the absolute best things about  NYC at Christmas time are the truly amazing window displays.  Bergdorf Goodman's had the most gorgeous, intricate and just plain jaw dropping tableaus of fantasy. They were so fantastical that people were jammed up 20 deep on the sidewalks surrounding the entire block, staring up at the windows in awe.

This year's BERGDORF GOODMAN holiday window display was entitled A COMPENDIUM OF CURIOSITIES. It featured a wild cast of characters, tinged with op-art and references to M.C. Escher, paradoxical points of view, vintage Victoriana, laced with Lewis Carroll "Alice" books. (information from the BG website).

Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Holiday Window Display 2009: 


Reflected Serenades and Meticulous Metronomes. Every surface is mirrored, including ceiling and floor. Mirrored lion and unicorn stand guard.

Potions Imbibed and Perspective Rearranged. A myriad of miniature staircases form a mind-bending backdrop. The girl reappears several times, miniaturized to fit each room.

Improbable Lodgings and Feline Mischief. A miniature Victorian mansion, complete with white rabbit tenant. A Cheshire cat observes from the wings.

Afternoon Amusements and Sovereign Gambits. A bird's-eyeview of a tea party in progress, with Bridge, Chess and Backgammon providing diversion for a quartet of Royals.

Illogical Lexicons and Convivial Characters. This window is made entirely of paper, including the architectural trimmings and furniture. And the hedgehog!!

Also loved the Saks Fifth Avenue building which was covered in enormous lighted snowflakes that merrily flashed off and on to the tune of  " Carol of the Bells". This one was so popular there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people in the streets stopping to watch.

More to come tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Awesome window displays! I love the one with the spiral staircases and nooks and crannies. Absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. NYC is one of my favorite cities---my artist son lives there-- get such a rush when I visit him-- but have never been there during xmas and these windows are absolutely stunning

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    Chris Brady
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