Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I apologize for the lack of posts. All of the machines in my life have apparently been meeting secretly and planning a massive revolt!
As you know, my laptop died a few weeks ago. Last week my phone beeped it's last beep. And on the same day my Internet modem joined the resistance and refused to connect. Skynet, I'm onto you!
On the good news side, I got a long coveted IPhone to replace my battered Blackberry. Just walked right into the store and bought one and was happily surfing for cool apps 10 minutes later. Which is how I am sitting in a waiting room and blogging all at the same time. Yayy!
I spent Saturday in Philadelphia installing a piece in a show called ACDCPC, curated by Cheryl Harper. She chose my piece " Waiting". I will have to embed a link later as this app, cool as it is, won't let me embed links.
The piece is composed of 400 pounds of porcelain bones stacked in a nest form, cradling an egg. This piece was inspired by a trip to the Galapagos Islands I took in 2008.
The line between survival and death is razor thin there and the tenacity of the animals who DO survive, and even thrive there, was humbling. On one rocky island there lived an entire flock of flightless cormorants. Having lost their ability to fly they now live on fish caught by diving in the ocean. As the island they live on consists of bare rock and nothing else they have adapted by building their nests from intertwined seaweed,driftwood and bones. I thought they were such an inspiring symbol of resiliency and resourcefulness. And that life goes on.
The piece is approximately 3 feet tall.

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  1. Came to your blog by way of Opening Connecting.
    What a fantastic idea to create that nest. I love it.
    Next, thank you so much for posting that wonderful pictures of the Christmas window displays. The chances of my getting to New York during the holiday season is pretty slim.
    I've always wanted to see those display and I just drooled over them. So, thanks again for sharing that with someone waaaaaaaaaaaay over here in southwestern Wisconsin. :)Bea

  2. Bea,
    Thank you for the compliments on the nest! Glad you liked the NYC windows post. I hesitated to post them but in the end, couldn't resist. Like you, except wayyyyy south in NC growing up, I had always wanted to see them and they didn't disappoint!