Friday, October 16, 2009

One of my favorite parts of Barcelona has been the many small markets that we have stumbled across while wandering the city. We will turn a corner and there, in a small stone plaza, will be tents set up for a market.
They have ranged from a tiny farmers market with 8 stands selling jars of golden honey and fresh goat cheeses where we bought homemade marmelade to take home with us to a huge one selling old coins and stamps ( could have spent hours happily sifting through the bins of antique Spanish stamps and 19th century postcards for 5 cents each but, alas, no time!).
I have bought several antique and obviously much loved saints medals, that can be found at every antique stand in tinkling silver piles. Also bought a gorgeous large glass soda water bottle from the 19th c. that has the loveliest etched writing in Spanish on the side. Would have loved to have bought more but must leave room in my suitcase for my clothes!

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