Saturday, November 13, 2010

Yes, yes, I know this is very late! I had so many deadlines this fall that time has been in short supply but I am determined to return to the blog!

To catch you up:
As many of you know, I spent July and part of August in Wales, doing an artist residency at the studio of my friend, Wendy Lawrence. I had irregular internet connection so I couldn't post from there but I did want to share a bit so you can get a taste of gorgeous Wales and the amazing ceramics community there!

July 5, 2010
After a 23 hour journey I finally arrived at Wendy's lovely home and studio in Denbigh, Wales. I always forget just how gorgeous Wales is until I return.

For six weeks I worked at Wendy's house and studio, creating a body of work for a three day outdoor ceramics show in August. Thanks to Wendy's amazing generosity, I got to escape the blinding heat of DC in July ( 100 degrees and climbing) to the cool misty summer days of northern Wales and her fairy tale stone house and lovely light filled studio.

Below are pictures of the village and Wendy's gorgeous house and studio.
The Ever Loyal Will, who kept me grand company during the day

Work drying outside in a rare ( and fleeting!) patch of sunlight
in Wendy's courtyard

Wendy in the studio we shared, working on one of her large disks

One of my pieces, mid process

Plotting out the interior pieces

Wendy's disk piece, just as she finished carving it

A new direction for me- a large scale house with a niche

A street in Denbigh, the town where I stayed

David and Margaret Frith, well-known traditional potters, are Wendy's neighbors. They give amazing workshops to which participants  come from all over. We popped by one Saturday morning to see the results of the current workshop participants' wood firing.

Cords of wood for the firing

A pleased student!

Margaret dissecting a glaze with a student

Wendy and Will admire a pot

The Frith's home and gallery

The Koi Garden by which the class celebrated with champagne and sweets!

 I was lucky enough to be living with Will, as I missed my two dogs terribly. This is some of what we saw on our daily walks together.
The now endangered phone booth, beloved by all of us Dr. Who fans

One of the meadows by Denbigh Castle, a five minute jaunt up the hill

Denbigh Castle

And lucky me, it was strawberry season while I was there. Delicate, old-fashioned explode-on-your- tongue in tart sweetness heaven.

Wendy and I worked 14-16 hour days for weeks, getting ready for Potfest, a huge international ceramics fair in the Lake District in England in which we were both participating. See her above, glazing like mad. We did take one day off to go to Chester, England, a shopping boutique heaven. Below are pics of the coolest antique import store EVER.

Next post will be Mickerloo Gallery and Potfest!

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