Friday, May 9, 2014

Gateway Open Studio Tour Tomorrow!!

Please join Flux as we open for the Gateway Open Studio Tour tomorrow from 12-5!

We are pleased to announce that as part of our Open House tomorrow we will be showcasing a capsule collection by local DC designers Aphra Adkins and Natala Covert.

Through this capsule collection Aphra Adkins and Natala Covert explore the intersection of natural and man-made materials and their utility.
Adkins’ intention is to explore texture, shape and volume through the manipulation and ornamentation of a single, basic fabric.
Inspired by natural beauty, Covert utilizes found objects such as bones, wood, stone, and creates a new sense of preciousness with each material. On and off the body her work explores the inevitable movement of wearable art. 
NMC Jewelry was launched last December by Takoma Park native Natala Margaret Covert. Covert graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Crafts in 2009. Aphra Adkins is a designer based in Washington, D.C. Her work focuses on wearable art, both ready to wear and couture. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

American Craft Baltimore Opens Friday!

Feb. 21-23 @ Baltimore Convention Center
A three-day celebration of all things handmade! 
This is the American Craft Council’s flagship show – a must-attend for craft lovers. More than 650 artists from across the country gather under one roof! Touch, feel, and explore high-quality American craft like you’ve never seen before. 
If you are going, make sure you come see me at Booth 3508-
I've been a very busy bee, making tons of new work for the show!
Novie Trump “The Evolution of Flight” Ceramic with pewter glaze, slipcast porcelain egg
Friday, Feb. 21: 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 22: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 23: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
The Baltimore Convention Center is at One West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD.
$16 one-day pass; $30 three-day pass; FREE for American Craft Council members and children 12 and under. Join the ACC and get in free!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Please join us tomorrow night at Flux Studios from 5-7 pm 
for the opening reception of 


a solo exhibition by Jackie Riccio, 
our summer artist in residence. 

New art, delicious wine, great conversation and yummy treats-the perfect way to start off a fall evening- spread the word!!

Sneak peak below of Glen & Rita:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

This past spring, DC was host to Artomatic's International Glass and Clay show. This groundbreaking exhibit featured works by artists from the Sister Cities of Washington, DC and Sunderland, England. 
Philippa Whiteside, one of the fabulous UK ceramicists, was invited to return to do an international artists residency with us at Flux Studios. We are very excited to welcome her to Flux for the next eight weeks!
Pip hard at work her first week at Flux!

Philippa Whiteside's work at the International Glass & Clay 2013 show.
Philippa graduated from Sunderland University in 2010 with a BA Hons in Glass and Ceramics. She was awarded a 12 month scholarship withCreative Cohesion, supported by Sunderland City Council, and later was elected a Director of Creative Cohesion. Philippa's studio is based at Creative Cohesion. Her work often references text and letters, and she also experiments with surface decoration and texture, playing with porcelain's capabilities and natural beauty.
Philippa Whiteside "'UnPick Me. Pull Me Apart"

In a related note - the International Glass & Clay show has travelled back to the UK, and will soon be on exhibit - more details to follow.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Save the Date! On September 7th Flux Studios is having a reception for eels
a solo exhibition of works created by Jackie Riccio, during her artist residency with us this summer. New art, great conversation and yummy wine and food-I hope you can join us!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Balance at Peveto in Houston, TX

The opening for my two person show Balance was last Tuesday night at Peveto in Houston, Texas. Laurel Lukaszewski and I flew in early to install the show and if I do say so myself, the show turned out really well!

Many thanks go out to Scott Peveto, Leigh Manley and Felipe Contreras at Peveto who gave us this great show, made installation seamless and easy,  and hosted us so graciously during our stay.

Some pics of the show:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Installation in Texas!

I just returned from a week in Houston, Texas, where Laurel Lukaszewski and I  installed the two person show Balance at  Peveto on gallery row and I attended NCECA.

We had an amazing time, leaving at 4 am to fly in early on Sunday morning to install all day with an additional half day on Monday.

Installation was smooth and seamless ( Yayyy!) and the show turned out really fantastic. More pics tomorrow from the opening!

Me, drilling holes for hundreds of porcelain butterflies ( with my shiny new travel drill)

Installing takes muscle!

Local artist Anne helps Laurel unpack porcelain ribbons

Another local artist, Manny, very generously brought us coffee,bagels and donuts to sustain us during installation- yumm

Scott Peveto, the owner of Peveto, goes the extra mile and comes in on Sunday to paint walls for us!

                                          Laurel tests how much weight her armature can hold

Laurel and I reward ourselves on Sunday night with well deserved  margaritas and table side guacamole- yumm

Pics of the show to come tomorrow!

24 MARCH 2013

High Tea at the International Glass & Clay Exhibit

The James Renwick Alliance (JRA) held a "Tea with the Brits" wrap-up social at the International Glass and Clay 2013 exhibit held at Pepco Gallery. Artomatic and the DCCAH have held a collaborative exhibition of glass and ceramics featuring artists from the Sister Cities of Sunderland, England and Washington, DC., ending in high style with a final event held at the gallery. Photos by Miriam Rosenthal.
Tea, cucumber sandwiches, fresh made scones with home-made jams and clotted cream, and a spot of dry sherry were on the menu. 
Artomatic's George Koch addresses the JRA audience.
Novie Trump talks about Laurel Lukaszewski's ceramic sculpture.
Novie Trump and Michael Janis discuss UK glass artist Colin Rennie's work.
High Tea presenters and organizers (L-R) Novie Trump, Bonnie Schwartz, Mallory Lawson, George Koch,  Michael Janis.
The closing night event of the International Glass & Clay event finished the exhibit with great fun and last minute sales. All agreed that we will miss the fantastic artwork that has been on display, and that with such good results, the connections with our UK artists and colleagues have been made stronger! When is the next collaborative show is the question we all ask!

Friday, March 22, 2013

An Afternoon at the International Glass and Clay 2013 Exhibition

International Glass & Clay 2013 - In the Quieter Moments
Mike Janis of the Washington Glass School posted this great introspective look at the  International Glass and Clay 2013, taken during a quiet afternoon at the gallery:
"This posting is intended to contemplate the media based artwork by the talented artists involved in the International show and see what the works say." 
The artwork on exhibit invites investigation.

UK glass artist Roger Tye  - Roger has two works in the exhibit, and they each present very different aspects. His wall piece is lush with color and organic plant forms. The glass tendrils curve around and out of the dimensional piece - its a very pretty and appealing work. 
Roger Tye's blown glass wall sculpture.
His other sculpture "Fold" has a different feel - it's much more narrative. All over the moors and fells of the North of England and southern Scotland, there are strange dry-stone structures - similar to what Roger has sculptedThe stone structures (aka 'sheepfold') were designed to provide a shepherd with a place to hold a few sheep and protect them from theft. Roger's sculpture "Fold", made of cast glass and slate, is a witty contemporary commentary on this concept, complete with security camera.
"Fold" by Roger Tye.

US ceramic artist Jeff Herrity has three of his slipcast ceramic "totems" in the show. Jeff's mother was a ceramic artist, and these works harken back to his childhood memories that include kitschy bits and bobs and elements created from ceramic molds. He sees the stacked figures as representative of a group of people that are a clan. We are all may different, yet we rely upon each other – for if one goes missing, we all fall.
Jeff Herrity "Totem I", "Totem II", "Totem III"

UK glass artist James Maskrey has some exquisite narrative glassworks in the show - amongst my favorites:
James Maskrey "The Worst Journey In The World"
His blown works all reference the 1910–1913 British Antarctic Expedition led by Robert Falcon Scott. The ill-fated journey was to recover eggs of the Emperor penguin for scientific study. It was thought at the time that the flightless penguin might shed light on an evolutionary link between reptiles and birds through its embryo.
James Maskrey, "Winter Journey", "Last Entry", "The Barrier".
The series based on the story "Worst Journey in the Worldand asks, but does not answer, the question of whether their suffering was futile, or whether it would inspire future human beings facing very different challenges. 

Nancy Donnelly's fused glass panels.
US glass artist Nancy Donnelly is exhibiting her beautiful fused glass panels "Thistle & Berries" and "The Night Garden". Both are made from fused frit powders and enamels fired into panels of glass. Her works have a quiet and thoughtful reserve.

Inge Panneels, "Micro Macro"
UK glass artist Inge Paneels' fused glass panels are created using waterjet to precisly cut intricate patterns based on aerial imagery of river estuary juxtaposed with blood vessel structure. The fused glass panel highlights the commonalities

Joe Hicks "Bottle"
US clay artist Joe Hicks has some beautiful ceramic stoneware with shino glaze. His works anchor the entry space of the gallery.

Philippa Whiteside's ceramics feature incredible detail. The waterjet cut ceramics tell a story that runs around the cube form in different fonts.
Philippa Whiteside "Hope"
UK ceramic artist Philippa Whiteside works at creating beauty with her detailed clay works. She clearly loves to experiment with surface decoration and texture, and has a fascination with text and words.

Syl Mathis' boat shaped glass/mixed media forms showcase his master craftsman skills.
US glass artist Syl Mathis' artwork has me fall in love with both the glass and the method he displays the kilncast forms. He is veryskilled in his metal and stonecarving techniques, and I love his sandcarving of the glass figures.
Syl Mathis, "Ancient Ice", "Time Bound".
The artworks by the artists create intriguing and beguiling relationships with the other works on display. Part of the fun of the show is the new juxtapositions of the different styles and approaches of the art.  
Allegra Marquart's kilnformed & sandcarved glass panels (L) and Erwin Timmers' cast recycled glass sculptures (R) have a great dialog in the gallery.

The International Glass and Clay 2013 exhibit is open through March 23, 2013, at Washington, DC's Pepco Edison Place Gallery, located at 702 Eighth Street, NW, Washington, DC. The show is organized by Artomatic and the DCCAH. 
Pepco Edison Place Gallery

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

05 MARCH 2013

Never Mind The Bullseye - Here's The Glass Pistols

"007 – Walther P99", Light, Fused water jet cut BE glass, 2010, Dr Magareth Troli - artwork featured in the "International Glass + Clay 2013" exhibit
A number of the UK artists exhibiting in the International Glass and Clay 2013 show (at Pepco Edison Place Gallery -702 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC) have come to the opening events and programs. The visiting UK artists have hit DC town running - there have been a number of Glass and Clay show events to keep them occupied!
UK Glass Artist Demo at Washington Glass School during International Glass & Clay
Robyn Townsend's artwork incorporates glass and metal
Demos by UK Artists:
Criss Chaney and Robyn Townsendshowed theirtechniques for metal inclusions and patinas in glass.
Cris Chaney shows how the patinas are formed
Robyn Townsend and Cris Chaney
Over at DC GlassWorks, Colin Rennie, Phil Vickery and Roger Tye wowed the fans of blown glass with a series of virtuoso feats in hot glass.  
UK artist Phil Vickery demonstrates the process for his beautiful glass forms
L-R Colin Rennie, Phil Vickery and Roger Tye at DC GlassWorks
Roger Tye makes a triple incalmo bowl in red, white and blue.
Colin Rennie ended the demos with a flourish!
Artists in the exhibit have a get-together at Artomatic founder George Koch's place.(Top row L-R: Anne Tye, Tom Hurst, Catherine Auld, Roger Tye. Bottom row L-R: Dr Magareth Troli, Phil Vickery, Robyn Townsend, Cris Chaney, Audrey Wilson, Philippa Whiteside, Colin Rennie)
The exhibit continues thru March 23 - make sure you come into the gallery to see this incredible showcase of art from the US and UK.
International Glass and Clay 2013
Pepco Edison Place Gallery  @ 702 8th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Gallery hours are Saturday and Tuesday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Gallery is closed on Sundays. The Gallery Place Metro station is within walking distance of the Gallery. The show is organized by Artomatic and the DCCAH.